5 Things to Know About Title Insurance

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Title insurance protects the holder from any losses sustained from defects in the title. It’s required by most mortgage lenders. Here are five other things you should know about title insurance.

  1. It protects your ownership right to your home, both from fraudulent claims against your ownership and from mistakes made in earlier sales, such as mistake in the spelling of a person’s name or an inaccurate description of the property.
  1. It’s a one-time cost usually based on the price of the property.
  1. It’s usually paid for by the sellers, although this can vary depending on your state and local customs.
  1. There are both lender title policies, which protect the lender, and owner title policies, which protect you. The lender will probably require a lender policy.
  1. Discounts on premiums are sometimes available if the home has been bought within only a few years since not as much work is required…

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Face Lifts….Real Estate Style…!

All Things Midcoast Maine

A functional and updated kitchen, an open and flowing floor plan, plenty of storage, and spacious master suite will help win your buyers’ hearts. But before they even enter your home to be wowed by these things, they need to be wowed by your landscaping, your curb appeal. Their first impressions. Some buyers will decide based on the look of the outside of your home whether they’ll even bother to come inside. Trust me, they do!

If your lawn isn’t mowed, the front yard is cluttered, or the house paint is faded or chipped, you may find that the For Sale sign in your yard won’t be enough to get those buyers out of the car and into your home.

                                                 It’s time for a Real Estate Face…

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Turn Up the Curb Appeal

Hicks House

Why builders continue to use brass furnishings when building a house is beyond me.  Every time I look at door knobs, hinges and lamps in the hardware store the brass is the same price as the nickel and oil rubbed bronze fixtures so it’s not a budget decision.  It will forever remain a head scratcher to those of us destined to replace ALL THAT BRASS.

Anywhoo, last summer our outdoor projects included staining the deck, un-staining the house (oops),and attempting to tackle the lawn.

This year we are going to be making some more noticeable improvements to the curb appeal. The first step was painting the door blue, and you guessed it next we had to change out that lovely brass hardware.

Hicks House | Blue Door

This project was a bit more involved than when we replaced the knobs and hinges throughout the interior of the house. Because the door knob we selected…

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7 Energy Efficient Home Improvements for the Summer

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Summer is hot, and if your home isn’t prepared for the warmer weather, your utility bills can increase significantly. Rather than spending a fortune over the next few months, why not take steps to prepare your home and make it more efficient? Here are some steps to help:

No. 1. Find and fix air leak

To prevent your air conditioning bill from skyrocketing this summer, find the leaks in your home and plug them up. Look around your windows and doors and in the attic for any air leaks. You might need to add more weather stripping around your doors and windows. In your attic or basement, there’s a chance that holes have formed in your insulation, allowing air to leak out. In such cases, you’ll need to call a professional to insulate the areas that need it. This project needs to be handled by an insulation pro because certain…

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Why You Should Buy Property Near Park City School District

Anthony'ss Piece Of Land

The Advantages Of Properties Near Good School DistrictsLocation is one important factor people consider when buying properties. Many families prioritize homes near schools, employment and amenities. As such properties in the proximity of shopping centers, restaurants, and schools consistently appreciate. And for property investors, these areas are sure ways to get good returns on their investments.

Why Park City Real Estate

In Utah, Park City has attracted a lot of property investors. From a seasonal holiday destination, this place has become one of the top choices when it comes to property investment over the last few years. With the upcoming plans and random developments implemented in this town, now is the best time for you to buy a new home and move there.

Its scenic views, its unique feel and personality, as well as its accessibility to major prime points are not the only reasons why you should place your investments in Park City. One compelling reason…

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